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Cheap 1.8″ SPI 128×160 TFT Module – Arduino wiring!

Posted Jun 10, 2014, Reading time: 1 minute.

Still working on my bench power supply, and wanted to move from my 16×2 retro LCD to something a bit more funky, and found these which use the Samsung S6D02A1 chip.

1.8 Inch Serial SPI TFT LCD Display Module With Power IC SD Socket

At the time of writing, you can get these from a UK warehouse for £3.30 shipped for a single unit. That’s awesome. However, the comments were quite bad and many people had issues with them – no matter how it was wired an Arduino wouldn’t drive it.

After lots of trial and error and searching all over, I discovered the secret hack: put 1K resistors between all I/O pins, and Vcc is +5v. Basically, I/O is 3.3v – the SD card on the back has resistors by the looks of it, but not the TFT. It’s cheap.

After that, it’s working very well with an arduino nano using the library from ‘zigwart’ which is available on github. A prerequisite of this library is having the Adafruit GFX library installed.

An example clock and a test demo is included. For just over £3 I’m very happy, and it will nicely fit within my bench power supply design.