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Posted Jan 23, 2014, Reading time: 1 minute.

Before I wrote my first program, I built pysical things. Lego helecopters with improvised rotors driven by the motor of a broken RC car and a 9v battery. I collected circuit boards, opened anything I could (with no concern for my own safety) and ‘repaired’ things that had obvious  issues with it, like dodgy contacts/wiring/soldering. I think I was about 9 or 10 years old at this point. I also had various electronics kits, the ones that had little spring contacts for wiring things up, and came with big thick 200-page manuals full of schematics.

Then we got a computer at home, and it all, kinda, stopped.

I’ve always wanted to get back into electronics. I know and remember the ‘trivial basics’ but never got into it seriously, computers and software took my attention away.

But, then I found Dave Jones and the EEVblog, and it’s all come back to me. I’m building an electronics lab at home, and already have my first project in progress: a bench power supply, which i’m told is one of several ‘musts’ for building when starting your own lab – which is good!

I’ll be posting updates on the lab and also the power supply as the come!